At Mufti we believe in the principle of oneness of self and environment. We believe that these two, us and our environment, are reflections of each other, and so enmeshed that our fates are intertwined. All our decisions and actions are informed by this belief, and we try to work with the best in the business when it comes to implementing best-in-class sustainability practices.

Whilst it can be safely assumed that between government regulation and international exporting requirements, the processes followed by vendors we work with are automatically in line with best practices; we take keen interest in seeing how we can further reduce waste and the impact on our environment. For instance, we roll pack our garments so they can fit into smaller bags in transit to consciously reduce single use plastic consumption. Our omni-channel effort is fueled by using our local stores first to ship from locations closest to consumer in an endeavor to reduce carbon footprint. Furthermore, our inventory of trims is maintained, and updated to our design & merchandising teams to ensure a waste-not-want-not philosophy. We use a first in first out approach to our use of raw material to minimize waste.

We continue to engage with agencies to drive these practices not just in our supply chain, but also in our back offices and stores. Motion sensory lighting, natural lighting, maintaining air-conditioning at lower load temperature settings, even our new warehouse is powered completely by solar energy. The over 1,40,000 Sft warehouse, is built on a 55,000 Sft parcel of land to best utilize land; it is designed to be naturally well lit and ventilated (even our exhaust fans are powered by the cross ventilation).